We want to hear your exciting plans, your accomplishments, distance achieved, fantastic fundraising ideas and anything else when it comes to Scottish Running Week. Here are some exciting ideas to combine with your own events:

  • 5k Handicap:   Host a 5k handicap, where participants of all abilities have a chance to compete on an equal footing. 
  • Run 5k, Donate £5:   Encourage runners to organise their own 5k runs and pledge to donate £5 to Athletics Trust Scotland for every participant.
  • parkrun Mobmatch:   Collaborate with another club to organise a parkrun mobmatch during Scottish Running Week.
  • 'Come and Run' Night:   Use Scottish Running Week as an opportunity to invite newcomers to join your club for a 'come and run' night with a small donation.
  • Virtual Challenge:   Organise a virtual challenge where participants can choose their own distance and route to run during Scottish Running Week.
  • Charity Raffle:   Organise a charity raffle during Scottish Running Week, with prizes donated by local businesses or club members.
  • Social Media Challenge:   Launch a social media challenge encouraging participants to share their running photos or videos with the hashtag SRW2024 Scottish Running Week.
  • Community Clean-Up Run:   Coordinate a community clean-up run or plogging(!) event where participants can run while picking up litter or cleaning up local parks or trails. Charge a registration fee to participate, with funds supporting ATS.
  • Run Your Run:   Simply do your very own unique run – a mural run, your favorite  hill, a set distance challenge, your longest run – whatever you can think of and donate to ATS!

For help setting any of these events up, please contact us or and we can facilitate the admin, registration pages, etc.

You can email your stories through to Kyle Greig on or if you want more information on how we can help you, your club or organisation.
Your story could help raise awareness across the nation and bring a smile to those lives we are trying to transform through athletics and running.

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